The Transition Back to School

Today many of the school’s around the Coast opened their doors to returning students. Some students may have mixed feelings about being back in school.
Getting back into the swing of school isn’t easy for all kids returning from the holiday break. Coming back can create stress or anxiety for students who may feel pressured about their school’s curriculum or nervous about the change in their day’s agenda.
Karen Hewes, a counselor from D’Iberville Middle School, says the most important thing parents can do to help their kids transition is to get them back into their routine right away. “Get a good night sleep before and make sure they eat breakfast. Most of the time when they get here most of the students are very excited to be back at school. We get a lot of new students after Christmas and I try to pair them up with other students that can show them around so their anxiety can be at ease in a new environment.”
Professionals recommend paying attention to the amount of sleep students are getting before school. Setting goals for the new year or getting involved with student activities could also be a good way to ease the transition jitters.

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