Tourism Reps Tour Ocean Springs

We all know the Mississippi Gulf Coast is all about hospitality and tourism. To make sure that stays on the top of our list, a group of tourism representatives from around the state toured Ocean Springs today.
Each year these representatives from different Visit Mississippi welcome centers take a trip to the Coast and different areas in the state to keep up with all the fun, cultural, and educational happenings in each city.
The past two days they’ve been in Ocean Springs checking out new restaurants and local art venues, things they can share at their welcome centers as vacationers pass through. Executive Director of the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce Cynthia Sutton said, “Ocean Springs, we are a tourist destination just like the whole Mississippi Gulf Coast. What we try to do is we try to make sure that we educate those folks at the different welcome centers, different tourism bureaus to make sure they know what’s going on in Ocean Springs so they can send people out this way. A lot of people go to the Jackson County welcome center and are traveling to New Orleans, which is a wonderful location, but why not stop in Ocean Springs, Biloxi, a little place like that and get something to eat.”
This year the group visited places like the Walter Anderson Museum of Art, went to an oil and vinegar tasting and even painted a picture with tattoo ink at Matt Stebly’s Twisted Anchor.

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