Tom a Hawk Released into the Wild

Tom a Hawk is flying high again in South Mississippi thanks to Wild at Heart Rescue.
After months of daily rehabilitation exercises, stretching out his wings, and a trip to the Jackson Zoo, Tom a Hawk was released back into the wild this morning in Biloxi.
The young red tail hawk was rescued back in September originally with an eye injury. Wild at Heart rescuers than learned he had a fracture in the left shoulder.
Doctors originally gave Tom a Hawk a ten percent chance of fully recovering, but with hard work and patience he is back where he belongs. Wild at Heart Rehabilitator Donna Saucier said, “Anytime you spend months of time and money and just love into an animal, it is always so happy to see them released.”
It cost $200 alone just to feed Tom a Hawk.
They first found him along Cedar Lake Road in Biloxi. They believe he was hit by a car.

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