Today is National Day of Prayer

It was a perfect day to be outside for a prayer gathering today. The first Thursday each May is designated as ‘National Day of Prayer’ and prayer gatherings still took place here in South Mississippi, but the planned turnouts were much smaller to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Praying God’s Glory across the Earth, the world-wide theme for this year’s ‘National Day of Prayer,’ spoken into existence by this small, but powerful group of faith leaders Thursday.

The mission: collective prayer. The location: Gulfport City Hall. The purpose here: to pray for our political leaders. Mississippi Prayer Coordinator for Aglow International Genendeal Fratantuono said, “This is the seat of government for the city of Gulfport. This is my home city. The seven spheres of influence. Government is major. So, church, government family, education, business, military and media. Those are called mountains, spheres of influence. They actually control our entire nation, those seven spheres of influence do.”

Wells of South Gate Director Angela Broussard said, “It’s not the first time that we’ve come to pray on the steps of City Hall. There is a swell, a groundswell of prayer being released throughout the earth. We’re small numbers here today physically, but make no mistake, more are with us that cannot be seen than those who are here with their presence here physically today.”

Needless to say, things are being handled a little bit differently this year in the wake of COVID-19 as local faith leaders are finding new and inventive ways to pray together in unison while also adhering to CDC guidelines and social distancing. “Technology has actually empowered the prayer movement beyond what it had already risen to. It’s made us connected as one globally.”

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