TNT Recovery home opens new building in Gulfport

The road to recovery is a lot smoother now for residents at TNT Ranch and Recovery Home in Gulfport.
A long awaited brand new building is now up and running after more than a year and a half of raising enough money to replace an old building that almost had them shut down due to building code violations.
It started out as just a slab in December 2015, the frame went up spring 2016 and now, after a long journey, TNT Ranch and Recovery Home’s new building is finally up and running. Owner of TNT Ranch and Recovery Home Tony Stapleton said, “It was a long road and a lot of work to do this here. This was a project that was very, very large, but God has also made it possible for me to be able to do what I needed to do here.”
Stapleton opened the ranch in 1993 and says this is more than just a job to him, it’s a calling. The mission is to provide a safe haven for people like Jim Parker. Parker came to the ranch a year and a half ago to rebuild what was left of his life after his addiction to alcohol leveled it. “I’ve had good jobs and owned restaurants, managed restaurants, sold restaurants, and went through some rough times. Lost my family, lost everything.”
Now Parker and others who are turning their lives around have a 14 room dormitory complete with a kitchen, office space, and classroom to house them during their recovery.
With the help of the community, the ranch was able to pay for the repairs and building costs, even after the original estimate rose from $150,000 in December 2015 to $223,000. Stapleton says it’s a good investment for the community. “I’m just overwhelmed and so grateful that the community really got so involved with this. They helped us in so many different ways. So many people just poured in and bought in to what we were doing for many years. It made this all possible.”
These days, Jim Parker is finding more to smile about, as evidenced by the tears of joy he shed this Father’s Day. “By helping others, I have hope again. My kids came to see me for the first time yesterday down here and that’s the first time I’ve gotten a Father’s Day card in about ten years.”

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