Three Pass Christian siblings become entrepreneurs

Three Pass Christian sisters, ages nine, 12 and 13, took a school project and in five months have now developed it into a business.

“We are excited because when we are older we won’t need to be worried about not having enough money or not having a job or something like that.” The vision of the Azzopardi sister’s business started with a school project set by Ava Azzopardi’s gifted teacher. She gave her a task to make something and sell it. “We started naming ideas and we came up with soap. Then we were like ‘oh yeah that’s cool’ so we started to make some at the house to experiment and then we made it into a business.”

With a little research and the help of their mother, the girls decided they wanted to take the school project a step further. The Azzopardi siblings began producing soaps, shampoo, hand wash milk baths, and candles. “After school we come home and do our chores and our homework and we start making stuff. Sometimes we will do it one week and the next week we relax and then we do it on the weekends.”

The girls say they produce the products in big batches to help them save time. “It’s actually really fun because we are working together and we are thinking of different things so we are all pitching in ideas and we are all working together.”

The line of products, called Mississippi Queen Soap Company, can be found online and at Derrick Doyle Designs in Pass Christian. Their mother, Ashton, said,“That was just incredible to have a local business want to carry us.”

The Azzopardi sisters not only use their business for personal financial gains, but they also use some of what they make to give back. “We did a raffle basket that was valued at $200. The proceeds of the raffle basket paid for a Pass Christian Middle School band student to go to band camp this summer.”

Currently Ashton helps Haylie, Ava, and Taylor run the business, but she says once the girls turn 18 it will be completely their own. “We want to pass it down. So, like we teach our kids and grandchildren how to make it and it just keeps growing.”


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