Three Candidates Vie for Position of Harrison Co. Sheriff

In a little over five months, there could be a new Sheriff in town. There are three candidates running for Harrison County Sheriff. Friday, News 25 caught up with them to learn about their ideas for the future of the Sherriff’s Department.

Incumbent, Melvin Brisolara, has served as Sheriff of Harrison County since 2008, and says he’s not ready to hang up his badge just yet because there’s still some unfinished business to get done. Brisolara says, "I’m still taking on the Justice Department. I’m determined to get that issue resolved before I leave office. I think it’s something that’s very important to Harrison County because once we get that court decree lifted from this office, we’re going to be able to move forward and we’re going to be able to get our work center back."

One of Brisolara’s opponents, Todd Stewart, believes his extensive experience in police training will help him advance the Sheriff’s Department. Stewart says, "As a person who’s trained over a thousand police officers, I believe my experience of training officers is valuable for the community because I have that personal interaction."

Candidate, Troy Peterson, believes he can bring his extensive experience fighting narcotics to the table. Peterson says, "Any crime that’s committed in this region, there’s some type of nexus to dope, whether if it’s a burglary, there’s some type of nexus to dope, a theft, anything goes back to drugs. I think that the plan we have in place with the units that are working dope are great, but I think it needs to be enforced more."

While each candidate has his own ideas for the future of the Sheriff’s Department, one thing they all agree on is the importance of building relationships. Brisolara says, "If we don’t start looking at efforts to consolidate services of law enforcement, we aren’t going to be able to afford it down the line, the quality that we have now." Peterson also says, "For bad guys, there’s no county lines, there’s no boundaries, so if you have everybody working as a group, you can solve a lot more crimes."

Stewart closes, "Transparency is also important and that’s something that I would guarantee as the next Sheriff." The election primary is set for August 4th, 2015.

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