Third Graders Commit to Excellence

Ninety-seven percent is great but why not shoot for 100 percent? That was the message today at Popp’s Ferry Elementary School to their third graders.
In 17 school days, third graders at Popp’s Ferry Elementary and around the state will take the third grade reading gate test. Students signed a banner pledging they’ll give their best when that day rolls around.
Not only were teachers and other school officials on hand to give the third graders encouragement, fourth graders who took the test last year gave advice to the students on how to not only do well but how to do even better. Popp’s Ferry Elementary Principal Dr. Todd Boucher said, “We’re very competitive. We’re very competitive with the other schools in our district. We have competition between the grades but i thought it was great that the fourth graders got up there and said, ‘hey, we got 97 percent but we want you to do better than we did last year.’ There’s a lot of pressure on the teachers, lot of pressure on the students, but we wanted to take the time to tell them you’ve got it. You can do this. Last year, we had a great successful test rate at this school. We want to go above and beyond that.”
Students at Popp’s Ferry Elementary will take the third grade reading gate test on April 6th.

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