The Shuckers Make Themselves at Home

It’s the third night the Shuckers are playing at their home stadium and even on a Monday night, the fans are still coming out to support.
As the Shuckers beat the Mobile Bay Bears 2-1, more than 2600 fans cheered them on. Orlando Arcia hit a two run homer in the bottom of the 6th to put the Shuckers in the lead. The Bay Bears scored on a sac fly in the 7th to put them on the board, but it wasn’t enough.
As the Shuckers players are getting used to their new home stadium, they’re also getting used to having a home fan base. Nathan Orf, Shuckers infielder, said, “ It’s a blast having the fans on our side and cheering for us, you know it’s kind of the first time all year, so it does give you a little bit more energy and we’re glad to be here and hoping we perform well for them.”
The Shuckers play the Bay Bears tomorrow at 7:10 and again on Wednesday to complete the 5 game series.

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