The Lee and Hayley Show coming to WXXV FOX on July 12th

Starting July 12th on FOX at 9 a.m., immediately following our morning show, there’s a new talk show coming to a TV screen near you. It’s called the Lee and Hayley Show.

The two stopped by our studio today for a look at their show that will literally have you laughing out loud.

What do you get when you combine a lifestyle talk show with comedic talent, unpredictable banter, and a dynamic duo? You get the Lee and Hayley Show and it’s coming to the Gulf Coast. “Here’s the thing, if you want to see two friends who fight constantly, that are always irritated with one another but everyone knows deep down they love each other. But it is a great way I think to be with family. That’s what we feel like.”

Lee Cruse and Hayley Harmon have worked together for years. Given their undeniable chemistry, launching the Lee and Hayley Show was a no-brainer. “We’re local news veterans. We know each other from working in local news. We hosted a morning show together and that started back in 2014 so it’s been a long time. We just hit it off immediately and had so much fun and just thought maybe we can turn this into something. We’ve just been super blessed and decided to launch a really fun show so it’s just been the joy of our lives to get to do. ”

From this pair viewers will see the two diving into hot topics like their favorite junk food, driving each other crazy in their segment titled ‘Driving me Crazy,’ and more. Harmon says viewers should expect a lot of laughter, sometimes at their expense. “We went to the golf course and Lee was going to show me the ropes and I pulled his golf bag out of the car because I was going to be his caddy for the day and I snapped his driver right in two. He nearly killed me. It was nearly the end and we had just begun. That very same day we made a little bet on the golf course and it was if Lee hit his balls in the water, he had to get a Brazilian wax. He hit the ball in the water so that day was not ideal for him. It was a real treat for me.”

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