The Dangers Of Spice

The first synthetic spice blends went on sale in the early 2000’s and have since been banned by many state legislations. Yet, the drug keeps turning up.
"we’re seeing so many problems with it, I think it has more to do with the amount of people using it thinking it’s safe,” said Dr. Lawrence Leake of Singing River Hospital.
Leake says his ER is seeing about 20 patients a day believes to have ingested spice, and each batch seems to be more potent than the last. This is causing problems for both medical professionals and police.
"Individuals when they have a reaction to spice they are very unpredictable. They can go from a catatonic state to an extremely deranged combative state, just like that,” said Police Chief Kenny Johnson.
"Acute psychosis causes a hallucinogenic state that people get out of control and have no memory from it, and they can harm themselves and harm others"
Johnson says arrests of spice users present unique challenges to officers.
"Despite the many legal smoking alternatives available today, more and more people are using spice, a choice which could land them either in the emergency room or in jail."
The issue police are having regulating spice is the legislation can’t keep up with the drug. The chemicals keep changing causing police and lawmakers to play catch-up, but the danger to the community is one thing that doesn’t change.
"It’s as dangerous as any drug, but the danger to the community is that it is killing people, it’s deadly.”

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