The Dangers of Drinking and Driving

The tears may be real, but thankfully the accident is not. Today, the MGCCC Perkinston Campus Police put on a DUI accident reenactment to teach a sobering lesson to Stone County Middle Schoolers.
“It’s really a terrible thing to do to drink and drive because it’s really dangerous and it can kill a lot of people, it can hurt a lot of people families and everything,” said seventh grader, Russ Cain.
The scenario today was not a pretty one but was necessary to convey the dangers and consequences of drunk driving. For seventh grader Kyleigh Fairley, it hit close to home.
“My second cousin has gotten in an accident and he didn’t even really get the chance to go to the hospital. He kind of just died and it was very tragic to lose him because everybody knew him, he was known to everybody so it was very hard,” said Fairley
First responders say that just one drink can impair a person’s judgment, and their hoping that this scenario will drive home the lesson of drinking and driving consequences to these seventh graders.
“I hope they just pass the word to their older brothers and sisters and their parents and their friends. If you get in the car with someone impaired and the outcome could be the same of the driver,” said Lt. Lewis Husband of the Stone County Sheriff Department.
The simulations also served as a practice run to keep first responders on their toes should a real life accident occur.
“From the time it starts, the action is put in place and we saw them today arrive on campus as they would on an actual scene,” said Caroline Ramagos of MGCCC.
“People think they can just make it and you know when they’re actually impaired and don’t realize it until it’s too late."

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