The Cole Brother’s Circus at the Coast Coliseum

The Cole Brother’s Circus makes its ways to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. This year’s theme is ‘Cole Brother’s Circus to the Max.”
The show promised maximum chills and excitement with acts such as the ‘globe of death’ and a 12 tiger performance. Elephants, illusions and a high wire performance are also a part of this year’s show.
The Cole Brothers Circus started in 1884, making it one of the oldest circus acts in America.
Ringmaster of the Cole Brother’s Circus Chris Connors says rain or shine the entertainment won’t stop under the big top. “We are here one more day. 4:30, 7:30 on Tuesday. You can visit us at because after this we’ll be going to Hattiesburg. We’ll be all over the Mississippi and Alabama area.”
Tickets will be on sale at the Coliseum box office tomorrow from 9 to 5. Adult tickets range from $16-$28. Children under 13 are free to enter.

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