The Car Corral has you covered

The Car Corral has you covered. The Car Corral is for people interested in selling, trading or purchasing unique vehicles for 40 dollars cruisers can register a vehicle and leave it in The Car Corral parking lot from now until Saturday evening giving potential buyers along the coast an opportunity to check it out. Owners can either leave their contact information attached to the vehicle and wait for potential buyers to call. Or stay nearby and give a hands on tour. Many owners even offer test drives. Price tags range from as low as two thousand dollars, to as big as forty thousand dollars. Jim Dozier, "You get a lot of cars centralized in one area. Some of these people just want to buy or want to look. They’ll come in here and they can actually come in and come walk through here instead of just seeing a little car. There’s one down the street here, there’s one down the street there. They’re all right here together they can come in and walk through just like a used car lot." The Car Corral lot is located just east of treasure bay casino, In between the waffle house and hooters parking lot.

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