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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Red tide brings shrimp close to shore

Usually the term red tide is associated with mass amounts of dead fish washing up on our shores as harmful algae blooms deplete oxygen...

Red Tide Final Wrap Up

News 25’s Laurene Callander gives us a final wrap up of the effects from the red tide.

Red Tide Moving Out

News 25 has been closely following the red tide issue and the toxins seem to be moving out at a steady pace.

Harmful Algae Bloom on its Way Out?

The 40 and 50 degree temperatures we’ve seen here on the Coast over the past weekend are sending the harmful algae bloom out for good.

Warmer Weather Brings Early Crawfish

The red tide may be affecting the fish in the Gulf Coast waters but the warmer temperatures are doing wonders for crawfish season.

Cooler Weather Could End Red Tide

Cooler temperatures in and red tide out, at least, that’s what we’re hoping for.

Red Tide Effect on Fishermen

The red tide is not only wreaking havoc on Coast wildlife but also on the pockets of fishermen.

Beaches Closed as Precautionary Measure

As the red tide has closed waters for local fishermen, it has also closed all Coast beaches as well.

Red Tide Continues to Plague the Coast

Toxic algae blooms continue to grow out in the Gulf, thriving in our recent warm temperatures.

Rehabbing Red Tide Animals

While the red tide cleanup continues, animals are still washing up on our beaches, some of them still alive. Here’s what one local rescue group is doing to try to keep them this way.

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