Crews Continue Work to Pick Up Fish

Red tide cleanup continues in Harrison County. The rain did not stop Sand and Beach crews from hitting the water’s edge to continue cleaning up remnants of this historic red tide.
To date, the Harrison County Sand Beach Authority workers have scooped up over 160 tons of dead fish and birds from the shore line, taking the remains to local landfills.
Today, crews were back at it since taking a break for the holidays and they plan on continuing to be out in full force until the red tide subsides. Chuck Loftis, director of the Harrison County Sand Beach Authority, said, “As long as the red tide is still out there, we’re going to keep getting fish washing ashore on a daily basis. Usually, a red tide comes in, the fish come in, we pick them up one time and it’s over. But this is an event that’s drawn out. Until we get some cold weather to kill the bloom that is in the water, we’re going to continue to have this problem.”
Loftis tells News 25 the red tide is unlike anything he’s seen in his 25 years with the Sand Beach Authority.

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