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Additional teachers to get pay raises

It was just earlier this month when Governor Phil Bryant signed the bill to give teachers and assistant teachers a $1,500 pay raise. Recently, the...

Pay Raises for Biloxi City Employees

The Biloxi City Council votes for a 3 to 5 percent pay raise for all city employees.

Gov. Talks of Issues He Hopes to See Pushed Through Legislature

As the 2015 Mississippi legislative session is moving out of the committee phase, changes could soon be coming.

MS Proposes Bill to Give Some State Employees a Raise

The Mississippi state legislature has proposed a bill to give all state employees who make less than $50,000 per year a $1,500 pay raise.

Gautier City Council Tackles Lingering Issues

Another coastal city tackled some important issues in its city council meeting Tuesday, as the City of Gautier met to resolve some lingering issues.

Gulfport Gives Cost of Living Increase to City Employees

Gulfport City Council passed a balanced budget Tuesday with no cuts in spending.