Gautier City Council Tackles Lingering Issues

Another coastal city tackled some important issues in its city council meeting Tuesday, as the City of Gautier met to resolve some lingering issues.

The council discussed many issues at Tuesday night’s meeting, including approving a new insurance plan that will cover more, but cost less. The council hoped to recognize the March of Dimes in their city, but due to a scheduling conflict, representatives were unable to make the meeting.

The main issue discussed Tuesday night was a new, tiered plan to give city police a pay increase to be more competitive and hopefully keep Gautier’s finest in Gautier.

Gordon Gollot, Mayor of Gautier, says, "We lost 13 firemen and policeman year of 2013. 2012, we lost 21 because of low pay, so we are having to do something in this city to make them equal to other cities. We just finished with the police department."

The city is trying to reach a similar deal with the fire department, but they are currently suing the city, and have declined to meet with them.

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