Ocean Springs

Property Owner Asks Ocean Springs Tree Committee For Appeal

In March, the Ocean Springs Tree Committee approved the removal of two out of three trees on Bergerac Lane. Tonight, the owner of that property wants the board to reconsider, so he can also remove the third tree. News 25’s Shelby Myers is live in Ocean Springs.

Ocean Springs Shooting

Ocean Springs police responded to a 911 call regarding shots fired at the Travel Lodge Hotel on Bienville Boulevard around 6:30 this evening.

Ink in Downtown Ocean Springs

There are no tattoo machines buzzing on government Street in Ocean Springs today, but local world-renowned tattoo artist Matt Stebly is looking to change that by opening a tattoo parlor and art gallery.

TatoNut Closed

Ever since he took over his father’s business in 1983, making donuts has been David Mohler’s passion.