Breakfast with the Mayor in Ocean Springs

Quarterly, the Chamber of Commerce in Ocean Springs will host ‘Breakfast with the Mayor’ which lets citizens know what is going on in their city.

This morning, the city hosted ‘Breakfast with the Mayor’ at the Ocean Springs Hospital and had a large turnout. Mayor Shea Dobson spoke on the food ordinance that recently passed, multiple developments including Stillman Lane and some other infrastructure projects.

There was also a chance for questions and answers at the end of the presentation from residents.

Mayor Dobson says these breakfast socials are an important part of the transparency of the city. “We are tightening up our processes internally at city hall and throughout the whole city just to make sure that we are running more efficiently. I am a believer that I don’t buy the ‘well, this is the way we have always done it.’ So, we are looking at it and leaving no stones unturned and you know just want to become as efficient as we can to save the tax payer dollars and get the best for our money.”

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