Ryan's "Foggy" Tuesday Night Forecast

Today started our gradual warm-up, and we'll continue to see some slightly higher temperatures tomorrow afternoon and night, but then things cool down a bit. Watch for details.

10/18 Ryan's Tuesday Night Forecast

Slightly more clear skies this afternoon than we had yesterday, and I expect the warming trend to continue for one more day as well. Significantly cooler temps ahead though, details within.

Ryan's Monday Afternoon Forecast

Last week's forecast has been on point so far and Monday afternoon's continues that trend. We'll see mostly cloudy skies as we head into the overnight hours, with some clearing as Tuesday afternoon comes around. Expect nothing more than a…

2/1 Steve's Weather Forcast

It's a little hard to see down on the waterfront right now, so be sure to be careful moving around South of I-10. This fog will stick around for another night before storms will push everything along.