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Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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09/22 Ryan’s “Beta Moves” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Didn't see much rain today, but more is on the way as Beta begins to drift our direction.

Dak Prescott opens up about depression

Mississippi State alum Dak Prescott recently brought something to light on a personal level that’s sometimes the hardest thing to talk about: the truth. In...

National Depression Awareness Month

Despite how it might feel to those experiencing it, it is always important to understand the true meaning of depression. October is ‘National Depression Awareness...

Senior Matters: Battling Depression

Around 19 million American adults are affected by depression. It can leave you feeling alone and desperate and with senior citizens it can be...

Coast VA Held Service for Those Depressed During Holidays

For most, the holidays mean happiness and joyful time with loved ones, but for some, the holidays aren't so joyful.

For Many, Christmas Brings Up Memories of Lost Loved Ones

During the Christmas season, many are reminded of the loss of a loved one, causing them to be sad around the holidays.

Young Veterans Face Struggles w/ Depression & Unemployment

It’s important to remember the aging veterans of wars and conflicts now far in the past, but it’s also important to be aware of the struggles young veterans face on a daily basis.

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Moss Point PD investigating 2020 drive-by shooting

The Moss Point Police Department is asking for help finding additional information about a drive-by shooting that happened November 5th, 2020. On November 5th just after...

City of Moss calls special meeting following Mario King’s plea

With the removal of Mario King from office, the Moss Point Board of Alderman called for a special meeting this afternoon. On the agenda was...

Local teachers react to COVID-19 vaccine eligibility

Who is next in line for the COVID-19 vaccine? Teachers and first responders step right up. Governor Tate Reeves announced the two groups are now...

MSDH reports 669 new COVID-19 cases and 28 new deaths

The Mississippi State Department of Health has reported 669 new COVID-19 cases and 28 new deaths including two in Harrison County and one in...