Sunshine after the Storm Summit

The Education, Economics, Environmental, Climate and Health Organization, otherwise known as E.E.E.C.H.O., wraps up its Hurricane Katrina commemorative summit.
The focus of this summit was to prepare and inform the community on what to do in case of a disaster. Speakers touched on topics such as sea level rising and emergency management. Gulfport leaders and residents from across the Coast made an appearance.
Executive Director of E.E.E.C.H.O. Ruth Story tells News 25 the youth turnout for the summit was impressive and impactful. “They are the ones who will be faced with some of these situations in the future. They need to a part of the planning. They have wonderful ideas. Sometimes, we don’t realize that young people are just brimming over with things that they are willing to do, things that they are willing to tell us and show us and encourage us in, as well as things they are doing.”
The summit also included a first responders appreciation event as well as youth awareness training.

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