Sun Herald Executive Editor Retires

After working with the Sun Herald as executive editor and vice president for 15 years, Stan Tiner is officially leaving today to begin his retirement.
As Tiner says goodbye to South Mississippi’s local newspaper, his replacement, Blake Kaplan, starts to move in to his new office with new ideas for the Sun Herald.
Not many can say they found their passion as early as first grade, but for Tiner that’s when a 40 year career in journalism all began. “I found that I was always drawn to knowing what was going on first. I wanted to find out what was happening and to tell it to as many people as possible, so that worked out well,” said Tiner.
It’s this approach that Tiner has taken during his 15 years with the Sun Herald, leading the charge to keep the Gulf Coast community armed with what he calls the truth, no matter what. The most difficult challenge of his career was Hurricane Katrina, so it’s no wonder he thought the tenth anniversary was the most fitting time to put down his pen. “We were trying to put the news out on one satellite phone that we have. People were sleeping on the floor here. The roof had essentially been destroyed and it was soggy and it was hot and we were uncomfortable but it was,like, we had a job to do.”
One aspect the replacing executive editor really wants to focus on is the Sun Herald’s digital platform, including their website and their phone app. “Obviously, the journalism world is changing much more towards a digital focus. It’s just the state of the industry right now, so everyone in journalism is thinking more about digital right now and how to improve their efforts in that regard,” said Kaplan.
Blake Kaplan has been with the Sun Herald for 21 years. He is currently the city editor, but as of September 1st, he will be the new executive editor and vice president. He admits Tiner’s impact on the community will be a tough act to follow. “I am lucky to have worked with him. He has taught me so much. He has been a mentor and a friend and you know he’s left some very, very big shoes to fill. It’s hard to follow a legend but I’m going to do the best I can,” said Kaplan.
Tiner’s retirement plans include writing a book on his uncle’s experience in the Marines, gardening, and spending time with his grandchildren.

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