Students learn about the MS Aquarium

This afternoon, students at Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School learned about some of the animals that will be at the Mississippi Aquarium.

Mississippi Aquarium Director of Animal Care Ric Urban visited the school to spread his knowledge to the students. He brought a familiar friend along to explain some facts and history on some of the animals. The students were able to ask great questions about the aquarium and alligators.

After Urban was finished speaking, he allowed those who were brave enough to gently meet Bob the Alligator. Student Delaney Schepens said, “I always that that alligators weren’t that nice to human beings, but I learned that they are actually really nice.”

Student Dale Smith said, “I learned about dinosaurs and alligators.”

The students are excited to check out sharks and dolphins at the aquarium in Gulfport once it opens which is expected to be late next year or early 2020.

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