Students in the Pascagoula-Gautier School District return to class

Although the morning was pretty gloomy here in South Mississippi, the halls were filled with sunshine and excitement as students were welcomed back to school in the Pascagoula Gautier School District.

Principals, faculty, and staff welcomed students back to schools all across the Pascagoula-Gautier School District. After the past two year dealing with a pandemic, Casey Hanna, principal at Lake Elementary School, says she is happy to finally be able to see the smiling faces of her students and parents. “I’m looking forward to the normalcy of a school year, really having our parents back inside the buildings, being able to help us with different activities and functions and events that we are able to do.”

This year, the Pascagoula Gautier School District also welcomed a new superintendent, Billy Ellzey who came from Kosciusko School District and says he’s excited to build on the foundation that the school district already has. “Everyone in our district is working toward making sure it is great for our students. It’s such a great opportunity to be here in Pascagoula-Gautier where we have so many opportunities for our students as they grow and learn and move throughout their lives here in school. So, I’m just excited to see what is going to happen as we go forward this year.”

This year’s school theme is ‘coming together’ and Brittlyn Carzoli, student interventionist at Eastlawn Elementary, says that is exactly what the teachers, parents, and students are doing. “Being able to see our families and see our kids interact and have that sense of community.”

Not only are teachers excited for the new school year and a sense of normalcy once again, they say they are also excited to be able to see kids express themselves now that school uniforms are no longer implemented. “We have been a uniform school as long as I can remember and a uniform district, our kids have always enjoyed free dress days and this year we are going to be able to embrace that completely, seeing who they are and what they wear every day.”

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