Storm hits George County

Today a tornado warning was issued in George County.
A photo was captured by Lucedale Resident Debra Bond of what appears to be a tornado right over the outlet on Highway 63 south.
Some residents there when the funnel cloud formed in the sky tell News 25 they experienced a drop in temperature as the strong winds blew through the Lucedale Center.
Two Lucedale residents who saw the rotation say they’ve never experienced anything like it. Lucedale Resident Spencer Montgomery said, “Big black clouds, you could see the cone of it, the cone shape of it a little bit, but it wasn’t perfect. It was still really intense being a tornado and everything.” Lucedale Resident Tim Freeman said, “Really never seen one before so it was kind of shocking.”
The National Weather Service indicated a tornado warning this afternoon although George County emergency officials did not confirm a sighting. No damage was reported from the storm according to George County officials and the sheriff’s department.

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