Stennis Space Center Has Big Plans for the Future

State officials from Mississippi and Louisiana had breakfast at the Infinity Science Center Thursday morning to hear about the future of the space center and its local impact.

Space is known as the final frontier, the voyages of the human race, our continuing mission to explore the unexplored and to push the boundaries of the human spirit. John Wilson, Executive Director of the Infinity Science Center, says, "I think President Kennedy really summed it up when he said at his speech at Rice University, ‘We do these and other things not because they’re easy, but because they’re hard,’ and the reason why I like these missions is because it challenges young people to go do the hard things."

Partners for Stennis, N.A.S.A., the U.S. Navy, and the Infinity Science Center are working to inspire the next generation of explorers by becoming a world leader in space, but space isn’t the only vast unknown. There’s still much to see beneath the surface of our oceans. Rdml. Timothy Gallaudet, Commander of Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command, says, "We have mapped the moon to greater resolutions than the sea floor, and that’s one of my missions, is to map the sea floor worldwide.”

Thursday at the Senator’s Breakfast, the Partners for Stennis talked about how they’re preparing to blast off for new missions, including a manned flight to Mars. Dr. Rick Gilbrech, Director of N.A.S.A. Stennis Space Center, says, "We’re going to go to what we call the proving ground, which is the area around the moon to develop a lot of the technologies, the rockets, propulsion systems, the life support systems that will help us take the long hard journey to Mars."

If today’s children aren’t reaching for the stars, the mission to Mars won’t get off the ground. Wilson closes, "I’m sure we have kids that walk in here and want to be a rock star, but our goal here is to present information in such a way that they leave here thinking, ‘Maybe I’ll study rocks on Mars.’”

Until then, the partners will continue to work toward infinity and beyond.

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