Stabbing at Ocean Springs Day Parade

Yesterday in Oceans Springs, a day of fun took a scary turn for some when a stabbing occurred during the city’s daytime Mardi Gras Parade, momentarily halting the festivities.
The incident occurred alongside parade route, across the street from CrossFit Ocean Springs. Authorities say the incident stemmed from a drug deal that went wrong a few days prior to the parade. Police officers nearby were able to respond quickly and effectively. Two suspects were arrested. Vantoniio William Jr. Was charged with two counts of aggravated assault. Adam Warren was charged for disorderly conduct.
Captain William Jackson Detective with the Ocean Springs Police Department said,”We have a contingency plan for each event that we put on here in the city of ocean springs for the police department. We place people in strategic locations to make sure that anything that arises, that we can quickly respond to that location. It’s still safe to come to the ocean springs day parade and any other festival that we have and were glad to have you, anybody and everybody. ”
Two victims were transported to the Ocean Springs Hospital, one with life threatening injuries.

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