St. Martin students get hands-on engineering experience

Students at St. Martin Middle School are getting hands-on engineering experience all while having a little fun.

This is thanks to a grant that Cecil Murphy, a Project Lead the Way teacher at St. Martin Middle School wrote.

This grant allows students to design their own dragsters with 3D software and they use a CNC router to cut all of the dragsters.

Today, the students competed with each other to see who had the fastest design. Seventh grader Dylan Benton said, “Because you know, most kids these days are stuck in front of screens and stuff I think this is important because it gets them to do other stuff, it gets them to learn about stuff, like with Mr. Murphy we use all kinds of stuff. We use CNC machines, programming and all of that. In his class I learned how to program stuff this year. I am not a computer guy and I have learned a lot from him.”

The teacher, Mr. Murphy, hopes this will inspire some students to pursue an engineering career.

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