Special Weather Presentation Teaches Kids about Meteorology

Kids at the William Carey Gifted Summer Program have been studying weather as part of their focus on STEM learning. Today they heard a special presentation from our own meteorologist, Ryan Mahan.
The program is part of an education course designed to help teachers learn to better teach gifted and talented students. The children had plenty of questions such as where clouds and rain come from and how the green screen works. After the presentation, the kids acted out a play they had created on how meteorologists and the news help warn people of danger and why it’s always a good idea to heed evacuation warnings. The program allows kids to learn while also having fun.
Dr. Christina Liverett, an assistant professor of education at William Carey, said, “We had a small bunch this time but each and every child has had a really good time. They told us yesterday that they really wanted a few extra days of entertainment and fun, and I feel that’s successful. When the kids say they’re learning, but still having a good time, I think that’s a success.”
Ryan said he couldn’t have picked a better group of kids for his first ever school presentation and he was impressed by how much they had already learned about weather in such a short time.

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