Solid waste proposals in Harrison County

Harrison County residents could see an increase in their waste collection and disposal services towards the end of the year.
The Harrison County Utility Authority is looking at two proposals from Team Waste and Pelican Waste to take over Waste Pro in Harrison County. However, the board has an option to extend Waste Pro’s contract for another year if they do not choose either company. Currently, the total cost for services is $11.89 per house.
Officials say the pricing received through the bidding process is higher than the current costs, but they have the potential to strengthen the current contract. Harrison County Utility Authority Executive Director Donald Scharr said, “There were a number of criteria that were specified that would be used to evaluate the proposals and they were the top two so we’re going to sit down and talk to them some more in an interview. We’ve got 70,000 homes roughly that we serve in Harrison County. So, it’s probably an 8 to 10 million dollar a year contract. So it’s a large contract.”
The City of Gulfport also opened separate bids for their own waste management. Interviews with Team Waste and Pelican Waste will take place at the end of next week. A decision is expected to be made by the first week of July.

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