Shuckers Bring Business to Downtown Biloxi

The Biloxi Shuckers are on the road tonight, but it’s what they’ve done right here on the Coast that has local businesses singing their praises. With every home game in downtown Biloxi at MGM Park, local businesses say these fans often show up as customers.
For the last several months, the sounds of baseball have echoed throughout downtown Biloxi. Nearby businesses tell News 25 baseball and its fans have also swung big bucks their way.
Bruce Lacey, co-owner of Sal & Mookie’s, said, “Overall the Shuckers being downtown has been a positive thing. It’s been amazing, but school’s started, we’d love to see the families come back down this Labor Day weekend. Also, come and support the Shuckers for the playoffs.”
League playoffs begin next week and every series won means more games at home. The city says the kicker is all these profits have been scored after an abbreviated season at home and no pre-season ticket sales. “See revenue producing events in there that are going to spill over into the downtown area. You go down and talk to Sal & Mookie’s, go to the Half Shell, go to Mary Mahoney’s, all these downtown businesses will tell you they’re seeing the people,” said Vincent Creel, city of Biloxi public affairs manager.
As the baseball season comes to a close, the city has a switch hitting game plan to continue to use the stadium as a venue to keep costumers rolling in. “You just saw a recent example with Concert on the Coast. That shows you the potential that we could have in that entertainment venue. We’ve said all along, it is not just about baseball,” said Creel.
Now that the Shuckers season is coming to an end, downtown businesses say that doesn’t mean customers should stop flooding downtown. “Even though the season is ending, we’d love for all the families to come down and support us local, downtown businesses,” said Lacey.
The Shuckers will host their first playoff game next Thursday at MGM Park.

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