Shooting Injures Two Teens in Pascagoula

Two teens are in the hospital after shots fired in Pascagoula late last night. The shootings happened on Robertson Avenue. News 25’s Kristen Durand spoke to those who live in the area and heard the shots as they rang out just before midnight.
Jackie Davis was in his home reading when he heard gunshots nearby. “I thought it was somebody just shooting out in the air or something but I was thinking ‘Lord, who is it next? Don’t let nobody’s life be taken.’”
He was surprised to find out 19-year-old Brandon Davis had been shot. “Brandon, I’ve known him practically all his life. I’ve known his mom and father for over some odd 40 years maybe,” said Davis.
Brandon Davis was taken to Singing River Hospital for injuries. The second victim, 18-year-old Markis Wells, was taken to Ocean Springs Hospital. Both underwent surgery for their gunshot wounds. Police arrested 37-year-old Erica Denise Ford in connection to the shooting of Markis Wells. Ford is charged with aggravated assault, news that also came as a shock to Jackie Davis. “Erica is a very respectable, hardworking young woman who sends her children to school every day.”
Neighbors say the fight depicted in a Facebook video is what led to the shooting. Police are still investigating a possible connection. Neighbor Carlos Knowles said, “This is the second time that Facebook has led to someone being shot. All this Facebook and all this stuff, there has to be an end to it.”
Meanwhile, authorities say the person who shot Brandon Davis is still on the loose. Lieutenant Doug Adams with Pascagoula Police Department said, “They’ve worked all night long and are working into today, following up on leads and talking to people in the neighborhood and different witnesses and here again, we’re still asking folks to, somebody knows who the shooter was.”
“Everything that you do in life, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It’s a thought. You have to think through things before you act up on them,” said Jackie Davis.

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