Shepherd of the Gulf Provides Xmas Presents to Homeless Kids

Children get excited to receive gifts for Christmas, but not everyone is fortunate enough to receive them. One local non-profit is seeking the public’s help to ensure that even families without a home can have gifts to give to their children this Christmas.

While most of us will be spending Christmas Eve with family, Lynda Favre will be personally delivering Christmas to families who otherwise wouldn’t have one. Since 2010, Favre and her non-profit, Shepherd of the Gulf, have been delivering presents to homeless families the weekend before Christmas. Favre says, "It’s more than just a Christmas event. It’s to let them know that they’re not forgotten and that we love them. They’re family."

This year, there was such an overwhelming outpouring of families at Camper’s Christmas, that Favre actually ran out of gifts, leaving about 40 males, seven females, and 15 children without presents. Favre turned to the community for help so she could deliver gifts to those who were missed. Favre also says, "I said, ‘Santa’s running a little bit late, but Santa will make it.’”

Donations were collected at Liberty Coffee House in Gulfport and News 25 was with Favre when she first saw the donations. She says, "A child would not have Christmas. There’s Christmas in a box in here. There’s love in a box and I want to thank the community for coming together from my heart."

The community has rallied to donate dozens of wrapped gifts for the cause. Favre says she thinks she’ll have enough to get everyone she missed the first time around. Jeremy Morris and his family delivered a pink bike to the coffee house, something Favre says is all one little girl she met wanted for Christmas. Morris, a Saucier resident, says, "Some people are out there struggling, lost their jobs, kids don’t have a lot. Our kids can go without to make other kids happy."

With just a little thought, people like Favre and Morris will make Christmas special for a number of families. On Christmas Eve, Favre will be handing out all the donations collected to those who were missed the first time around.

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