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Search team looking for missing dog from Texas

Locals are putting together a search team over the weekend to help bring Daisy the dog back to her family in Houston, Texas. Her family...

Christmas Comes Early for Campers

While some are fortunate enough to sit at home by the fire during low temperatures, others are left out in the cold with no...

Campers Christmas

News 25's Toni Miles interviews Lynda Favre about the Campers Christmas a drive to help local homeless community that well be taken until Dec.17th....

Thanksgiving in the Woods Volunteers Needed

While many families prepare to sit down around a nice Thanksgiving dinner this week, many of our homeless population wonder if they’ll even eat...

Shepherd of the Gulf Delivers Xmas Gifts to the Homeless

Wednesday, Shepherd of the Gulf delivered presents to homeless families they missed the first time around for Camper's Christmas.

Shepherd of the Gulf Provides Xmas Presents to Homeless Kids

Children get excited to receive gifts for Christmas, but not everyone is fortunate enough to receive them.

Shepherd of the Gulf to Hold Thanksgiving in the Woods

A local organization is working to bring a happy Thanksgiving to homeless in the area, and they need your help to do it.

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