Shepherd of the Gulf Delivers Xmas Gifts to the Homeless

Wednesday, Shepherd of the Gulf delivered presents to homeless families they missed the first time around for Camper’s Christmas. News 25 went along with them as they delivered gifts and spread a little joy this Christmas Eve. She may not be from the North Pole or ride in a sleigh, but Lynda Favre is certainly the embodiment of Santa Claus for many people without a home, delivering survival items as well as Christmas gifts to those who live on the streets.

Favre ran out of presents for her annual Christmas drop last Saturday and sought the public’s help for donations so she could deliver everyone she missed a gift. Favre says, "This is Camper’s Christmas Part Two; the grand finale. It’s going to work. We’re going to reach them. It’s been a blessing. We’re tired, but it’s a good tired, and I’m going to tell you what, the community has really pulled through."

William Frye, a homeless man, is one of many who received a gift from Favre and her non-profit, Shepherd of the Gulf, Wednesday afternoon. Frye says, "She’s an angel because here in the last few days it rained a lot. Most of us out here, all our blankets and stuff are wet."

Wednesday, Frye received a new blanket since his was destroyed in Tuesday’s rain storm, a gift he appreciates very much with the cold weather coming in. Frye also says, "It ain’t every day that somebody just come out here and give you something and not be looking for something in return."

Favre has made helping the homeless her life’s mission and says she was devastated when she didn’t have enough gifts last week. She made a promise she would be back for those missed and she is thrilled she was able to keep her word. Favre closes, "A camper’s trust is the most valuable thing I could have because as long as I can reach out to them and have their trust and know they can count on me and depend on me is very critical."

Favre uses that trust to make their lives easier in any way she can, and she not only provided resources, but passed around a little holiday spirit as well.

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