Sheltering pets from the storm

While you’re battening down the hatches in anticipation of the severe weather we’re expecting this week, don’t forget your furry friends.
Maridee Mallette with the Jackson County Animal Shelter says that inclement weather often causes animals to run away from their familiar surroundings. If they’re lucky enough to make it through the hazardous conditions, they typically end up at a shelter.
Mallette wants to remind pet owners across the Coast that securing their animals should be a priority while preparing for the upcoming storm. “Make sure they have collars and tags on, micro-chip them if you can, hopefully before the storm. If you have time we do it for $15. It’s a very safe thing to do. Get them collars, micro-chips, your food and water, all your puppy pads and things like that, crates to put them in in case it is really scary for them. Treat them like family members, they are not just pets, they’re part of your family.”
If you’re a Jackson County resident and your pet ventures away from home during the storm, remember to check the animal shelter in Gautier.

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