How to Shed Those Pounds in 2017

Many Coast residents woke up this morning ready to stick to their New Year’s resolution to get into shape and shed some pounds.
Studies show whipping yourself into shape is annually the number one resolution anyone makes to start the new year. If you’re planning to hit the gym, any gym will likely do, but if you’re looking for something different, CrossFit could be for you. The sport is defined as ‘constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity.’
While every day gyms are littered with workout machines, CrossFit transforms you into that machine. Owner and Head Coach at CrossFit Portside Sara Carter said, “Here your body becomes a machine. When you back squat or deadlift or bench press, you’re doing all that weight. The beauty is, as you come in, it’s an hour and you don’t have to think about what you’re doing. There’s literally a warm up, strength or skill, and what we call a met con or metabolic conditioning. You never have to think about it. You get a kicking workout for one hour and you go home and really feel like you did something.”
If CrossFit intimidates you, the gym also has a boot camp class. For more information, visit

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