Setting New Year’s goals early

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘new year, new me.’ Well, one local gym wants to help you make that line a reality in 2019.

Every year gyms see an influx of members signing up around the New Year. People are hopeful that the New Year will bring a new, maybe even more fit version of themselves.

But, Mike Goodsell, the regional manager for Crunch Fitness, says that won’t be the case unless you make a plan now and set realistic goals ahead of time. “The first thing you want to do is set some attainable goals. You want to make sure it is not unrealistic, you want to put something that is in reach and once you have achieved that goal then that’s when you can push yourself to drive for more benefits, starting with a gym membership, starting with clean options for eating.”

It’s hard to believe but New Year’s Eve is next Monday and New Year’s Day is Tuesday so you still have some time to make your goals!

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