Seniors getting into shape for the New Year

Getting in shape and going to the gym is hard for anyone and it can be especially challenging if you are over a certain age. One woman is making an offer to local seniors to help motivate them to go to the gym.

You are never too old to start something new: that’s the motto of Diane Edrington from Long Beach who now considers herself an exercise enthusiast, but she wasn’t always that way. “Like most people, I had put off and procrastinated working out. I had always been an active person, but not in shape.”

Now, Diane wants to inspire other seniors in the community to get out and get moving for the New Year. “Being healthy has no age limit and I would inspire anyone to do what I have committed to do.”

Diane is offering to pay for a personal trainer for one month for the first three people over 60 who go into Crunch Fitness in Long Beach and say they saw Diane on News 25. Crunch Fitness manager Michael Goodsell said, “She is absolutely incredible. To hear she has made an amazing offer like that. That is something I have never seen done in this industry. What a heart of gold! She is absolutely someone who inspires us every day with her fitness endeavors.”

Diane knows that having a trainer to hold you accountable makes it easier to achieve your fitness goals. “First of all, you have got to be committed and what I did was get a trainer. That was what kept me committed and coming three to four times per week and after you do that, it’s just like I got to keep it up. Life is just so much happier and healthier when you feel good about yourself.”

Getting in shape is always one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, but Diane says it won’t happen unless you work. “Oh, every year we make resolutions that ‘oh, I’m going to start exercising’ or ‘I’m going to get healthy.’ Do it, just do it.”

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