Saints vs. Chargers preview

By the time the New Orleans Saints take the field for practice on Wednesday, they’ll have been through 16 sessions together. Come Thursday, they’ll have their first of two joint practices with the Los Angeles Chargers, leading up to their week two preseason game.
Even through the two teams have played in the regular season, this will mark the first time Saints Quarterback Drew Brees and Chargers Quarterback Phillip Rivers will have practiced together since 2005.
The New Orleans defense is used to having its hands full with Brees in training camp, but now they have to deal with another potential future hall of famer that’s a little less familiar, according to Saints Head Coach Sean Payton. “When you have a chance and it happens when you start your season, there’s going to be a hand full of these games where you might say you’re playing an elite quarterback. And so to get work, no difference than what our defense sees here, but maybe a little bit different look, a different style, maybe offense.”
The Saints and Chargers will practice at 10 a.m. both Thursday and Friday at the Jack Hammett Sports Complex in Costa Mesa.

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