Saints start 0-2 for the sixth time in Sean Payton era

Five previous times during the Sean Payton era the New Orleans Saints started the season with two or more straight losses and at no point during any of those seasons have they made the climb back over .500. That’s the challenge facing the Black and Gold as they find themselves at 0-2 yet again.
Homecomings have been a theme to start the season for the New Orleans Saints. In week one, it was Adrian Peterson’s return to Minnesota. On Sunday, it was Brandin Cooks making his return to the Big Easy. After suffering a 36-20 defeat at the hands of Tom Brady and the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, the big storyline is the Saints being just 1-11 in September games dating back to 2014.
Saints Quarterback Drew Brees said, “Yeah, I mean it puts you in a little bit of a hole, but again, we can’t cry over spilled milk here. We have to press on and we have got to find a way to get a win.”
Saints Running back Alvin Kamara said, “I wouldn’t say we were frustrated. We just had to get some more things going and like I said things that we can control, we’ve got to control them.”
Saints Strong Safety Kenny Vacaro said, “We’ve just got to get to the film and fix it. I mean I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but we’ve got to correct our mistakes so we can start winning.”
Saints Head Coach Sean Payton said, “We’ve got to get better and not just on defense. Like I said, we’ve got to be better offensively. Clearly, we’re not playing a complimentary game.”
Saints Defensive End Cameron Jordan said, “I can only focus on me. I can only focus on my defensive line and my defense. And we all know the offense, if they are struggling they will get right. At the end of the day it’s on our defense not to allow 30 points being scored in the first half. That’s something that I’m almost embarrassed about.”
Saints Linebacker Manti Te’o said, “We let ourselves down. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and we didn’t do that as a whole. We’re not going to blame any one person, because as long as we stick together and if we play together it’ll be a different story. But like I said, we’re going to learn from our mistakes.”
Now with the loss, the Saints are off to the dreaded 0-2 start in which only 12 percent of teams come back to make the playoffs after starting the season with that record.
Sometimes, you just run into better competition like Brady was on Sunday. He torched the Saints for three touchdown passes in the first quarter alone which is something he had never previously done in his entire career.
Those 12 percent of teams that do come back to make the playoffs are dating back to 2007.

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