Safety is Important During Extreme Heat Conditions

While the heat index has fallen about 15 degrees in the past couple of hours, it was a much different story earlier today, with the heat index topping out at 110 degrees in some areas.
News 25’s Kendra Turley tells us how to remain cool in these extreme heat conditions.
Derick Conerly, a Gulfport concrete operator, is no stranger to the Mississippi heat. “It’s absolutely brutal,” he said. So, today’s heat advisory didn’t surprise him. And the searing heat wasn’t even the worst of it, in his line of work safety comes first and with that comes a price on days like today. “The hard hats. They tend to hold heat. The gloves, of course they are insulated. They hold the heat in your hands. It makes you sweat twice as much. Therefore, taking breaks and staying hydrated is very, very important,” said Conerly.
It’s a delicate balance, long sleeves, hats and other things that cover the body actually can protect the skin from too much heat exposure. Of course, it’s important to keep hydrated the right way. Dr. Andrew Nakamoto, Memorial Hospital physician, said, “A lot of people think that drinking a lot of Gatorade and stuff is really good for them. I mean, one a day is probably good. But, if you’re drinking Gatorade all day, it’s got a lot of sugar in it; it can actually dehydrate you even worse.”
Scattered rain showers did give Mississippi a little bit of a break from the heat this afternoon; however News 25 Meteorologist Ryan Mahan says that temperatures will continue to rise throughout the rest of the week. “It’s going to be a little bit hotter inland as you get closer to Hattiesburg and Wiggins. But with all the moisture in the air, we’re also getting heat index values near 110 and as you go closer to those inland areas, you could see them as high as 115.”
So, if you have to be outside the next few days, be sure to wear sunscreen and take needed breaks from the sun and heat.
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