A safe way to beat the heat

With the heat cranking up splash pads are open all over the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

It’s a quick way and fun way to cool off this summer, but to ensure the good times keep rolling parents make sure to keep an eye on your kids.

Stop them from running, horse playing, and make sure the splash pad you use treats the water.

Nicole Shelby is a parent and she says for her child a splash pad is a great, safe alternative to a pool.  “My son is autistic and he takes to the water, but he has not had any swimming lessons yet until he can get accustomed to it. With those concerns alone, I have to be very watchful of him. I also want to make sure he interacts with other children. This is a very good setting where the kids can come and play and have fun. It’s safe and it’s free.”

For a list of the splash pads in the area click here.

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