Ryan’s “Wet Tuesday” Forecast

It’s been a very wet Tuesday afternoon so far, and I’m not expecting it to let up until later on this evening. Showers will continue to track towards the Southeast across the viewing area for the rest of the night, but will being to lose steam around 9 as the daytime heat begins to dissipate. Expect a warm and humid one tonight, low near 78, with a continued 60% chance of showers and t-storms. Tomorrow isn’t much better, afternoon t-storms a near certainty, with a lower afternoon high near 86 due to increased cloud cover and rain activity. None of the showers over the next few days are expected to be severe, but almost any summer storm can be strong in the right conditions, so drive carefully and watch out for lightning. The low pressure center that’s causing our gloomy weather isn’t going anywhere soon sadly, it will slowly work it’s way Westward across the Gulf South, bringing cloudiness, showers, and storms along for the ride. Flooding is likely going to be an issue in the coming days as anywhere between 6-14″ of new rainfall has been estimated for South Mississippi Thursday afternoon through Sunday night. I feel some of the estimates are a bit dramatic, but 8″ during that time is much more realistic and just as dangerous. If you live in an area prone to flooding due to lake/pond proximity or poor drainage you’ll likely have issues all week long, and river residents should be watching the banks as well. We’ll have further updates through the week.

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