Ryan’s “Sunny & Beautiful” Tuesday Forecast

It’s been a sunny & beautiful Tuesday afternoon so far, and I’m expecting it to continue to cool down into the lower 70s…the coolest it’s been in over a week. We’ll see a low near 73 tonight, with mostly clear skies and light winds from the South. The next few days will all be very similar, with the exception of gradually increasing temperatures. We’ll say goodbye to the 80s as early as tomorrow and will return to the lower 90s in the short term, and mid to upper 90s by the end of the weekend. We won’t see the return of the heat advisories over the next few days but be sure to take care of yourself if you spend extended periods of time outdoors because we will still be seeing “feels like” conditions in the mid to upper 90s and heat related illnesses can be “sneaky”…

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