Ryan’s “Stormy Tuesday” Forecast

Today started off as a hot and humid day, but quickly became a stormy Tuesday thanks to a lower convective temperature. Right around 9 PM though, the storms quickly began to dissipate as they were cut off from their primary energy source, daytime heating. There’s a small chance of a few random showers overnight, but the thunderstorms roar back quickly tomorrow. Expect a cooler afternoon high due to the increased cloud cover and showers, near 86, but localized areas are likely to be warmer if they luck out and miss a few rounds of showers. The low pressure system causing all of our issues slowly creeps Westward over the next few days meaning the showers and t-storms aren’t going anywhere any time soon. We’ll have a significant chance of rain over the next 6 days, so a Flash Flood & Flood Watch has been issued all the way through Friday. Stay tuned on social media, TV, and our free weather app for the latest information on this developing system.

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