Ryan’s “Rainy Tuesday” Forecast

There are plenty of words to describe today, but “yuck” seems to sum up this rainy Tuesday pretty well. The overcast skies built overnight and lingered through the day, but the waves of showers were the real story today. It seemed to alternate between light showers to hard rains and everywhere in between, but thankfully the opaque skies kept temperatures low. These showers/storms will continue through the night, but chances will dwindle in the overnight hours, coverage expected near 40%. Our low tonight will linger around 77, which is where we are now so not much change is expected. We will return to the upper 80s tomorrow afternoon, maxing out near 89, staying out of the 90s thanks to the cloudy skies. We’ll see more showers as well, a 60% chance of widespread showers, with scattered T-storms mixed in. Don’t worry too much though, we’ll begin to see some clearing/drying as early as Thursday, but even then we’ll keep our small chance of afternoon storms so it seems storm clouds will remain always on our horizons. The beginning of next week will bring us closer to some genuine sunny days.

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