Ryan’s “Poke-Monday” Forecast

Today was a fairly typical Summer day in early July and the forecast doesn’t deviate much from what was expected last week. We’ll start out with mostly cloudy skies, but after gradual clearing we’ll end up with mostly clear. The low tonight will drop into the upper 70s, but will bounce right back into the low 90s tomorrow afternoon. Expect another hot and sunny day with a good chance (40%) of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. The afternoon high will max out near 90, but overall I don’t expect it to be too terrible of a day, not with the showers moving around keeping parts of the coast a little cooler. Basically the next six days are all very similar, but with slightly lower chances of rain (30%). We can expect this trend to continue for at least the next week without any major variations or frontal passages. Also, poke-mania seems to have taken over the coast if you didn’t see our earlier news story, tonight would be a good night for a long walk with “Pokemon Go”…and maybe a pet too….

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